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Past projects

Past Research Projects
in Higuchi & Yamamoto Lab.
(This pape is kept for archival purposes only)

New Actuators : Handling & Manipulation : Human-Computer Interaction
Bio-Mechatronics : Micro-Machining : Others
(Categorized into six research fields. Some topics may appear in multiple fields.)

New Actuators

Impact Drive Mechanisms
piezo impact drive Basic Principles: Applications:

Electrostatic Actuators
Flexible Electrostatic Motor Basic Principles: Applications:

Magnetostrictive Actuators
Magnetostrictive and piezoelectric
  • Magnetostrictive / Piezoelectric Composite for magnetic force control
  • Micro magnetostrictive actuaor with wide operating temperature range

Thermal Actuators
thermal actuator
  • Thermal impact drive
  • Thermal actuators using self-excited oscillation of bimetals

Handling & Manipulation Technologies

Levitation Technologies
Electrostatic Levitation

Micro Manipulation
Particle Manipulation

Human-Computer/Machine Interaction

Haptics, Tactile Devices, Visualization
bio imaging
  • Electrostatic tactile display based on friction control
  • Tactile interface using electrostatic actuator
  • Thermal tactile display
  • SAW tactile display
  • Virtual Bio-space

Human-Computer Interaction
Shape input device
  • Physical assistance using electrostatic actuators
  • Shape input device using PVDF sensors
  • Intuitive object handling using a combination of non-contact levitation and haptic devices


Oocyte manipulations
Cell Manipulator
  • Micro manipulation system movie
  • Electrostatic oocyte rotation system movie
  • Positioning of oocytes by liquid flow
  • Cryopreserved cell manipulation in liquid nitrogen

3D Infrared Imaging
  • 3-Dimensional Internal Structure Microscope (3D-ism) movie
  • Automatic Thin Sectioning Microtome System
  • 3-dimensional bio-imaging using infrared spectroscopy
  • Virtual Bio-space


Micro/Precision Machining
Laser Pillar Formation

Lab on a Chip, μ-TAS
SAW atomization

Other Projects